Winter ready

When winter comes and you will no longer be staying in the caravan, make sure that the caravan is winter-ready.

We do not close off the water in the wells. During the last visit to the campsite you must ensure that the water pipe is closed and the pipe system is left frost-free.

The pipes, the water heater and the toilet must be vented to prevent freezing. The main water tap must be shut off and the drain valve open (ventilation). Both in the well and under the caravan. Do not forget to close the drain valves after venting!
Never fasten/tie down faucets or dismantle and remove them. This is to prevent damage to our materials. It is also not allowed to stand in the well, because then you break the pipes underneath.

Extra Tip: put antifreeze in the siphon and toilet bowl and also think of the central heating system.

You can perform this work yourself or you can hire a professional technician:

Quality Time 06-30005715 06-10001651
Ooms Installaties 0111481227
Noldus Burgh-Haamstede 0111852870

If you do want to use the caravan in the winter months, bear in mind that the pipes are not resistant to severe frost and must then be vented. It is better to insulate or heat the pipes.

We advise you to remove party tents, satellite dishes and fences that are too close to the plants and/or are not firmly anchored before the winter sets in. Also make sure that other loose items are stored in the garden. It goes without saying that in the winter all valuables can better be stored at home.
If you have an internet modem, take it home and keep it at room temperature and make sure it stays free of moisture.

The sanitary building at the Reiger Park remains open during the winter months, both showers and toilets. Tapping water is possible at the washing-up area. It's comfortable and warm there, as long as the doors are kept closed… (we count on your cooperation!) Tip: leave a spare key at the reception, so that we have access to your caravan in the event of an emergency.