General (8 )

What are the rates for a year-round site?

The costs can be viewed at rates.

Can I use the WiFi?

You can use the free WiFi network available at the campsite. The signal however can not be reached everywhere on the campsite. It is possible to purchase a modem with internet subscription at the reception. A modem costs € 125.00 and for the internet subscription you pay € 160.00 per year. The modem provides a more stable and often faster connection.

How can I receive all the television channels?

Since our provider broadcasts all channels via a digital signal, the television must be able to receive digital channels (Full HD). You can have the TV search for channels again via the settings.

I have placed an order at a hardware store, can that be delivered to my chalet?

If the supplier comes with a truck that is too large, we will bring it to the site. This is only possible if it is delivered in the correct way, for example, in big bags or on pallets. If the delivery is made by a delivery van or with a small trailer, you can get through to the chalet. Please inform us of this in advance.

I have placed an order at a webshop, can that be sent to the reception?

It is possible to have an order delivered to the reception. State the name of the recipient and the place number here and ensure that it is collected as soon as possible. We have no place to store packages for longer periods of time.

Is it possible to have two cars on my campsite?

One car may be at the campsite at a time, unless the chalet has a second parking space. If this is not the case, the second car must be parked in front of the barrier on a green parking spot.

I want to pitch a tent at my chalet, is that allowed?

It is not allowed to set up a tent and spend the night there. Guests must stay overnight in the chalet, with a maximum of 6 people.

I want to make an appointment with someone from management, how do I do that?

Send an e-mail to and indicate what you would like to discuss and be sure to give your mobile number so that we can call you back.

Sale (2 )

I want to sell my chalet, how does that work?

The first step is to send an email to An appointment is then made and one of the employees responsible will come to view the chalet. The options will then be discussed and the asking price determined. Please note: you must first inform the campsite if you intend to put the chalet up for sale.

What are the additional costs if I want to buy or sell a chalet?

As a seller you have to take into account a sales commission of 10%, with a maximum of € 5000.00. No notary is required for this purchase or sale, so no notary fees. When purchasing a new chalet from a dealer, a commission of € 2150.00 is charged to the dealer. So these costs will be passed on to the buyers.

Visit and rental (3 )

How does it work if I want to rent out my chalet?

You must register guests via My Julianahoeve. Your guests will receive a confirmation from the campsite after registering.

What are the accommodation costs?

Your guests pay € 5.25 per person per night (2 years and older). This amount consists of the tourist tax, but is mainly calculated so that your guests can also use all the facilities at the campsite.

I'm going to have visitors, can they also use the swimming pool?

Day visitors can use the pool outside vacations and on busy weekends. A day ticket costs € 7.50 per person.

My Julianahoeve (6 )

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Click on "I forgot my password" and a new password will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file.

I have forgotten my username, what can I do?

The username is the e-mail address that is on file with us.

I can not log in, what should I do?

Send an e-mail to so that we can provide a solution.

Can I register my guests via an authorisation card?

No, registering guests is only possible via My Julianahoeve.

My guests arrive earlier/leave later, how can I communicate this?

If the reservation has already been entered in My Julianahoeve, no changes can be made online. Send an e-mail to and we will adjust the reservation.

My guests arrive after the reception has closed, what can I do?

Normally your guests must arrive within the opening hours of the reception, so that we can give them the key to the chalet and the pass for the barrier. If this is not possible due to traffic jams, for example, let us know and have your guests contact the reception.

Maintenance and work  (5 )

Who does what type of maintenance on and around the year-round site?

The pruning of the border landscaping and the mowing is done by the campsite maintenance personnel. You must maintain the garden of your chalet yourself.

I want to order sand, how does that work?

That is possible, if ordered at least one week in advance at the reception. Have a good measurement of how much you need in advance.

What should I do if I want to dispose of bulky waste?

You can dispose of this yourself and throw it in our own open container, which can be found at the field service. Let the reception know in advance that you want to dispose of waste.

If you cannot take it to the container yourself, we can arrange this for you, we charge € 35.00 per ride. Make it easy for yourself and us and place the waste on pallets (available from us), so that it is easier to transport and costs fewer rides.

I have a problem with the boiler, heating or other connections. Who can I hire for this?

We do not provide this service ourselves, but we can advise a number of installers.
Installation company Noldus - Burgh - Haamstede
Installation company Quality Time - Scharendijke

I want to change or redecorate the garden, is that allowed?

The garden may be adjusted to your own wishes, but only as long as it is in line with our rules. Before the adjustments are made, we would like to receive an initial sketch on which these adjustments are indicated. We will then assess this and, by agreement, you can get started. In the year-round site regulations you will find the rules that apply to making adjustments to a year-round site.