Dolphin Maritime

RIB Safari Brouwersdam is a unique seal safari! Seal spotting in their natural habitat with the sturdy Dolphin
RIB boats on the Grevelingen! In the rapid we let you experience what such a tough and fast RIB-boat is capable of. Then
we go in safari mode and with respect for nature to the seals. Therefore this RIB-Safari is suitable for everyone.

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Several departures daily from Marina Port Zélande. Book directly via Whatsapp +31(0)646142126 (date/time/number of people) or email

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Wingfoilen at Jonker Funsports

Foiling is the revolution in the surfing world. This new discipline in water sports uses a special long fin with a wing construction. This fin (the hydrofoil) creates buoyancy. This technique is not new, but has undergone a stormy development in recent years. The big advantage of foiling is that you can plan ahead even with little wind. The number of suitable surf days is therefore increasing enormously. Discover it at Jonker Funsports!

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Fun and educational amusement parks!

Climb from tree to tree with zip lines, rope ladders, wobble bridges and many other climbing components. Are you a true Zeeland Hero?

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