What does a year-round site cost?

The following rates will be applied in 2020 for a year-round site at Camping Julianahoeve.

The basic rent for an annual place of 100m² is € 3,075.00.

Each additional square metre costs € 11.50

The stay of 6 permanent residents is included in the rent. All residents of the year-round site must be registered.

Every year a new lease contract is drawn up on which these people can be mentioned.

Extra people per year € 52.50
Extra person per night € 5.25

The energy costs are charged according to consumption in November:

Electricity per kwh € 0.45
Water per m3 € 4.50
Gas per m3 € 4.30

The city tax of the Municipality of Schouwen Duiveland is € 263.12.

Extra parking space (if available) € 195.00
The connection to the WiFi network is free